Vimeo Rejects False Claim by Rauner, Illinois Policy Against Madigan Parody Trailer


Wednesday we received word from VIMEO’s legal department that they rejected Illinois Policy Institute’s false claim against our parody trailer of their anti-Madigan infomercial. The resulting video link and page has now been reinstated. Clearly, Rauner’s money isn’t everything. SEE RESTORED VIMEO LINK HERE. (Clean version) here:

Illinois Policy made a big deal in the media about VIMEO taking the video down so we are setting the record straight and ethical media should update their stories on this accordingly.

We explained the video was protected under parody and fair use and that Illinois Policy Institute’s claim against the video had no merit. A screenshot from Capitol Fax, calling the parody “genius” – thank you by the way –  exposed that Illinois Policy just didn’t like that their name was used in connection with the video and that helped us greatly to make our case.

Vimeo’s attorney said “Based on your explanation, we have taken another look at the initial takedown notice and found it to be insufficient on closer examination. I have restored the video as you requested.”  The email of our conversation with VIMEO is available here and upon request. 

Vimeo email

This is a victory for free speech and against an organization with questionable IRS and political practices, practices that deserve to be questioned or investigated.

From the many political “hats” Mr. Tillman wears to Illinois Policy Institute’s participation in the fake newspapers being distributed by a Super PAC across legislative districts in violation of independent expenditure law, this group seems to observe no boundaries between a 501c3, a 501c4, and a super PAC. Liberty Principles PAC recently converted its fake newspaper operation to a for-profit business with no accounting on PAC’s disclosures about how these assets were transferred to a private company. Is that even legal? We’re not sure.

Michael Madigan would have been a worthy subject for a real documentary but not by a political organization masquerading as a policy group.

That is why we at #FakeIllinoisPolicy are so amused that this group didn’t find our parody trailer as amusing as we did.

As Republicans and independents, we understand Gov. Rauner was also not amused by our parody trailer which lampoons him for his Madigan obsession at a time when Illinois is in trouble and the voters elected him – not to become another political power lord – but to save our fiscal situation.

Expect more parody videos to come from #FakeIllinoisPolicy.


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